Garment factory mauritius

Why our customers choose to produce their garments ” Origin Africa” , in Mauritius ?

For production flexibility reasons :

Especially for launching a new line or start a small production
In contrast to “big producers’ countries”, that sometimes require initial amounts from 1000 or 5000 pieces / style / taille. You can start a serie in Mauritius from 50 pieces / style / size
While being assured to keep a consistent level of production … for larger quantities.

textile cutting process small series

Or when finished products require diversified techniques
For 40 years textile and garment industry in Mauritius , built a network of many small specialized companies.
This type of organization is similar to the economic structure of Italy in the 80s .
This network can effectively complete different types of finishes within a same collection … from fabrics processing – through Embroidery – Printing …

For quality reasons :

A staff with traditional sewing knowledge, specialized in hand made operations
To fit to different volumes of orders, each production agent can operate on different types of industrial sewing machines. It therefore provide staffs’ quality control during each operation, like a tailor.

workshop textile mauritius

For Work environment reasons :

Time difference +3 hours with Europe
Which allow to work during working hours of many companies located either in Europe – Middle East – or Asia.


A pleasant place to stay during your production visits
Tourism is also a major activity of the Mauritian economy. The country therefore provide a business environment that is often described by visitors as ” Paradisiac ” : A peacefull way of life with a tropical climate.

For pricing reasons :

Due to a low cost of living.
This low cost of life impact logically the unit cost of products.
With a national average salary of 450 Euros per month , you can afford to live on the whole territory . To have an idea : bread cost 0.10 euro , and 2 bedroom house renting about 80 euros / month .


Tax exemption on imports of products from SADC :
Mauritius is a member of the ” SADC ” (Southern African Development Community) since 1995.
According to their national treaties, some countries may benefit from exemption from import taxes on products made in Mauritius : Sadc – AgoA ….

Import fabrics is taxe free in Mauritius
Whatever their origins: fabrics that you will send to Mauritius for the fulfillment of your order, will not support additional charges.

And of course … don’t forget !


Ethical reasons :

The Mauritian labour act unambiguously prohibits child labour
The foundations of Mauritius and its legislation since independence nation in 1968 , was built in an uninterrupted democratic framework. Legislation is naturally respected by all actors ….

A multicultural country without discrimination
Visitors and residents foreigners are often surprised by this harmony.

Mautius multi cultural country

For political and economic stability reasons :
Since it’s independence Mauritius is a democracy, and has never been challenged from outside, either within its borders. This provide an insurance for a long term partnership.


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